Great Plains Zoo

Great Plains Zoo

Decided it was time to shake some rust off my cameras, and my knees, and made the trip to Sioux Falls to shoot some pics at the Great Plains Zoo. Wish I would have gone yesterday instead. Most of the animals, just like me, were spending most of their time relaxing in the shade on this hot day.

While I was there, I got to thinking my next blog entry should be about equipment. It was about year ago now that I started researching the Olympus system. I don’t even remember how Olympus caught my eye in the beginning, but once I had a chance to handle some of their lenses I really got taken in with the system. I didn’t make the jump right away, though I almost did. I spent a couple of months researching and made a couple of trips to Omaha to shoot some test shots with an Olympus OM-D E-M1II against the Canon 5D Mark IV’s I had at the time before committing to a new system.

In my next blog entry I’ll talk about why I made the switch, what I love about Olympus, and what I did knowingly sacrifice when I switched.

Great Plains Zoo

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A guy and his camera, enjoying the simplicity and elegance of black and white photography.

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