Welcome, Take II

This has been quite a year for me. As you may know, I was laid off from my job as a newspaper photographer back in February. I created this website originally for a couple of reasons. 1: to help promote my work as I look for a new job, and 2: use it as a photo blog as I continue to document life in Siouxland.

As I scrambled to find a new job, things like paying for rent and health insurance took priority and this website was often neglected.

I did find a new job, but for the past few months I’ve been busy getting settled in at my new home and my top priority has been and will be my new job. But I’m starting to feel more comfortable in my new home and I am ready to pursue photography again, but this time just to please myself.

I haven’t decided what direction my photography work will go, and I will probably be experimenting and trying new (to me) things. I am working as a travel counselor now and I have a feeling many of my blog entries may be about day trips in Iowa.

This site will change and be updated as I continue to grow. And since I am no longer living in Siouxland, the name of this website is no longer “Eye on Siouxland” but simply “Jim Lee Photography.”

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy my work as I continue to grow as a photographer.

Published by Jim Lee

A guy and his camera, enjoying the simplicity and elegance of black and white photography.

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