“Advanced” filters

Fuji X-T3 and 23/2 lens

My Olympus cameras had “Art” filters built into them. Never had any use for them while working as a photojournalist. My Fuji cameras have similar cheesy type filters, but Fuji calls theirs “Advanced” filters. Not sure if I have much use for them, but might as well play with them.

The first one I played with was the partial color (red) filter. I’m not a big fan of the spot color look, it can be cheesy and often overused. And it’s easy to do in Photoshop. Now it’s just a push of the button.

I doubt I’ll use these filters much at all. But I may need to go out and play with the toy camera and miniature filters.

Fuji X-T3 and 23/2 lens

Published by Jim Lee

A guy and his camera, enjoying the simplicity and elegance of black and white photography.

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