Winterfest at Bayliss Park

I think the temperature dropped 20 to 30 degrees from the time I left this morning till the time I got off work. Glad I had my parka in my car, it was a cold one at Winterfest in Council Bluffs tonight.

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  1. They don’t play it up like they do in Sioux City. No parade. No countdown to turning on the lights. Santa just walked up before the lights were on and went over to a dark corner where they were set up to take pics with the kids and there was a long line there.

    I was told the mayor was going to say a few words before the lights came on. If he did, he didn’t have a mic. The lights just came on shortly after 6:00.

    It was nice. People were having fun. But I think they could have played it up more.


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