I was tempted to switch to color when I came across Ted & Wally’s. There was a lot of color and nostalgia in this old automotive center turned into an ice cream shop. But I did say I was going to shoot only black & white this month. If only I could stick to my diet the way I stick to my personal photo challenges.

I have a hard time motivating myself to get out and take pictures this time of year when the weather is just one big ol’ bucket of suck. So I’m going to give myself anther personal challenge. I’m aiming to post a new photo every day during February, shooting nothing but black and white for the entire month.

I’ve been shooting with Fujifilm cameras for about a year now, and Fuji is known for their wonderful film simulations and great quality jpg files. I’ve shot a fair amount with Fuji’s Provia, Velvia and Classic Chrome simulations, but Acros (a classic B&W film from Fuji) seems to be a fan favorite and I am long overdue to give it a good workout.

So for the entire month of February, one new photo every day and my camera will be set for Acros all month long.

Christmas lights on West Broadway in Council Bluffs.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that I no longer have to live up to the expectations of an editor and it’s OK to to do some fun, stupid stuff with my camera once in a while.