Welcome to my website!

I’m an Iowa native and former newspaper photographer. My photojournalism career took me to newspapers in Iowa, Wyoming, Florida, Colorado, South Carolina, Nebraska, Minnesota and back to Iowa.

I had a fulfilling career as a newspaper photographer, but after my untimely departure from the news industry in 2018 I struggled to find enjoyment in photography. One day I started shooting photos in black and white and I suddenly rediscovered the joy I once had.

I’m also discovering I have more fun shooting photos when I embrace minimalism when it comes to gear. These days I usually carry only one camera with a single fixed focal length lens. It forces me to think more about my subject, the light, angles and composition and less about my equipment. It’s a liberating experience.

I do have some of my photojournalism work displayed on this site, but my photo blog has my latest photos and musings. I may still shoot the occasional color photo, but for now I am mostly exploring black and white photography as I redefine my post-news career shooting style.

Me in my former life as a newspaper photographer

Thanks for visiting!

— Jim Lee, Photographer

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