Welcome to my website!

I’m an Iowa native and former newspaper photographer. My photojournalism career took me to newspapers in Iowa, Wyoming, Florida, Colorado, South Carolina, Nebraska, Minnesota and back to Iowa. My photos have been published in newspapers and magazines throughout North America and in Europe. I have won dozens of awards in state and national photojournalism competitions and I’m a two-time recipient of the Humanitarian Award from the Minnesota APME Association.

Now I shoot photos for fun.

As I get older I find myself embracing minimalism when it comes to gear, often carrying a single camera with only one fixed focal length lens (usually a 35mm equivalent lens.) It makes me think more about the subject and less about the camera gear. It adds more personal enjoyment to the process.

I’ve also developed a fondness for shooting photos in black and white. Not shooting color and converting to B&W in Photoshop, but shooting in B&W and capturing the subject the way I want it in camera.

I do have some of my photojournalism work displayed on this site, but my photo blog has my latest photos and musings. I may still shoot the occasional color photo, but for now it’s mostly black and white.

Me in my former life as a newspaper photographer

Thanks for visiting!

— Jim Lee, Photographer

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