Black & white photos from the early days in my photography career. Most of the photos on this page are from my days as a college student.

When people ask me which photo of mine is my all-time favorite, this is the one I usually think of first. A scientist from the University of Wyoming was testing a new chemical to control sagebrush. They didn’t have enough of the chemical to fill the tanks of the crop duster to the minimal level needed to spray, so they had to dilute it with water. As a result, the pilot had to make three passes over each strip to spray enough of the chemical for the test. The scientist and another man acted as human markers so the pilot would know where to fly on each pass. On some of the passes the wheels of the plane were so close I could have touched them. Summer 1988.


Migrant Farmers:

Migrant farmers harvest sweet corn near Belle Glade Florida. – 1990.

Marching for Peace:

Peace march in Washington, DC. – 1987